God’s Modus Operandi

I have tons of friends, colleagues, and clients who support Trump. To them I would like to say, “I ain’t mad at ya!” I’m not discrediting your Christianity (if applicable) nor your love for our country. It’s been no secret that I myself have been exploring all options amongst the GOP candidates. To me, the choice has not been cut and dry this election cycle. At this point in the game, I’m consistently leaning Cruz. However, I always try to remain open and follow the campaigns closely. If and when a candidate crosses over into my personal “deal breaker” zone, I have no problems shopping for another candidate. (Watch it Ted!) That being said, I am not and will not look down on Trump supporters. I realize you are trying to formulate your personal voting strategy according to your beliefs and political bents.

I will say this about Trump. He has consistently kicked down the doors of political correctness during his campaign. I do believe this fact has been invaluable this election cycle. I have noticed the other candidates on both sides of the fence, yes even Cruz, adjust to the changing temperature concerning public debate. I personally think political correctness has not only crippled America but it’s also choking out the life and effectiveness of the church. We as a nation cannot be on lockdown afraid to speak out in public forums about sensitive topics especially concerning politics, religion, and social issues.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Trump would also be very likely to pick a dream team cabinet in my opinion. It’s what he does. In the corporate world I quickly realized companies are only as good as their advisors. If Mr. Trump wins the oval, I pray he uses those skills to surround himself with wise advisors in all areas including faith, business, constitutionalism, foreign policy, and economics to name a few.

So to all my social peeps who happen to be Trumpeters, I heart you still! Who knows, your guy just might come out on top. After all, Mr. Trump (with the right advisors) has potential perhaps. I mean, it’s not like there isn’t a precedence for that sort of thing. It’s kind of God’s modus operandi…Pharaoh and Joseph, Cyrus and Daniel, Xerxes and Esther, etc. It wouldn’t be the first time a heathen (with the right advisors) has been used to redirect a nation for the better! 😜


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