Black Friday, Light Sunday

If these signs were following them that believe, perhaps they’d line up for church like they do Black Friday! Perhaps…just perhaps, the problem isn’t always with the world. Maybe…just maybe, the church needs to be the church! Keep in mind…light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehends it not. If the light shines…darkness is pierced…period.… Continue reading Black Friday, Light Sunday


Strength Not Length

It’s the strength of our prayer that matters…not the length. Lengthy prayers are a sign of unbelief. 

👉🏼Tabitha arise. Peace be still. Lazarus come forth. Take up your bed and walk. I will, be thou clean. Thy sins are forgiven thee. Go in peace. Be it unto thee as thou wilt.👈🏼

Christian, your words have power…so pray n’ slay today!