Obama/Merkel Breakdown

Obama/Merkel Press Conference…why is this happening? Breakdown👇🏼

Obama/Hillary created complete chaos in the Middle East. Enter Brexit. Hillary tanks US election. Swamp draining Trump transition begins at Trump Towers. Their house of cards begins to crumble!

1. Volumes have been written and discussed about the horrific Obama/Clinton foreign policy so we won’t rehash. Suffice it to say, they set the Middle East on fire and fanned the flame. Radicals fled into Europe by the millions destabilizing Europe. (This would have happened in the US also had Obama/Hillary been unfettered in their desire to house untold numbers of poorly vetted refugees.)
2. The strain on Europe puts a magnifying glass on the EU and it’s problems namely sovereignty concerning how to deal with immigration. Brexit happens leaving Germany as the EU’s most influential member. Merkel had publicly embraced the Obama/Clinton open border policy and therefore plummeted in popularity among German citizens when riots, violent crime, and mosque raiding (in direct correlation to the influx of radical refugees) began dominating the sociopolitical scene in Germany. Now German citizens are beginning to talk about a possible German brexit that would essentially dissolve the EU.
3. HRC tanks election. Globalism, at least in America, is dead and therefore severely delayed in Europe. Merkel loses the protective covering of Obama/Hillary and realizes she is now left to face the rest of Europe alone. She has to explain why she hasn’t been looking out for German interests before all else. She’s failing miserably. It won’t be surprising if this doesn’t give rise to a Trump type candidate in Germany’s future. Germans witnessed Brits and now Americans stick it to the establishment. They will no doubt follow suit. O is called in for an impromptu press conference to reassure Europe that Merkel is up for the challenge. (Nobody’s buying it.)
4. Obama has to run to the aid of EU proponents. Proponents of the EU and globalism are calling O and HRC onto the carpet. They want to know what happened. How is it possible that O and HRC have brought down plans for their globalist society in one fell swoop. Lol
5. There were those who were semi-pacifist at first with the news of Trump’s win. Talking “blah blah…we must all come together for the good of all parties…blah blah” until Trump starts running the best of the best through Trump Tower this week.


Many on the left were initially unsure of how Trump would govern and were no doubt hoping President-Elect Trump would distance himself from campaign Trump. After Donald’s who’s who of conservative cutthroats parading into Trump Towers this week, they are now certain he intends to drain the swamp!


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