Cellular Cleansing


CELLULAR CLEANSING breaks down fat that has been hanging around as a prison for toxins. Once these toxins are removed, your body dismantles the prison and EXHALES 80% of that as carbon dioxide and excretes 20% in bodily fluid…sweat, tears, urine etc.

Most of the fad diet trends on the market result in pseudo weight loss. You’re basically dehydrating the fat cells causing them to temporarily deflate. Toxins are not being removed and therefore the body will not tear down the prison (fat cell.) This is why so many REGAIN the weight almost as soon as they stop whatever diet trend they are aspiring to at the moment. The fat cells quickly re-inflate and your body is back to business as usual…same song second verse… wash, rinse, repeat… year after year.

Nutritional cleansing IS NOT like any other system out there. This is why we get results you CANNOT get anywhere else.

The lack of proper nutrition is why Americans are gaining weight at alarming rates. It’s why childhood obesity is on the rise. We eat and eat and eat but still feel hungry. Why? We are eating constantly but never consuming the nutrients we need. Those who are trying to eat clean at the grocery are not able to consume enough food to completely fill their nutrient deficits due largely in part to over farming and over processed foods.

Nutritional cleansing system has made it possible to consume dense macro nutrition with minimal calories.

More bang for your buck.

This nutrition coupled with cellular cleansing breaks down toxic visceral fat that is harming our health so our bodies can do what they are meant to do…detoxify, heal and regenerate!

There are so many benefits to removing (not deflating) fat! Weight loss is a COMPLEX issue. True health requires a HOLISTIC approach!

🔬 It’s in the science! 🔬

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