About Me

My name is Kim Ferguson. I am a friend of God, fisher of men, wife, mom, book lover, graphic artist, web designer, brand manager, marketing junkie, pundit, and blogger. Oddly enough, I am not a pet owner. I haven’t decided if that fact should be relished or rectified.

Now to unleash the backstory…

DESIGN: In corporate America, I’ve worked in marketing and design over 15 years and developed brands for dozens of national and international campaigns. I love to create! Although I’ve worked with large corporations and organizations around the world, my favorites are non-profits and small businesses. Nothing compares to the excitement of collaborating on the ground level with clients who have invested personal blood, sweat, and tears! Drop by kimferguson.com to learn more about my designer alter ego.

DISCIPLESHIP: In the church, I’ve served as Youth Pastor, Children’s Ministry Director, VBS Director, Small Group Leader, Bible Study Teacher, Prayer Minister, Worship Band Leader, Church Administrator, Promotions Director, and Discipleship Leader. Of all these, discipleship and Bible study are my greatest passions. I’ve written discipleship courses for multiple churches and topical Bible studies for my family, my church, and now my blog.

DEMOCRACY: In society, I’ve loved politics as long as I can remember. In high school and college, I worked rallies on the local level for trustees, county clerks, sheriffs, and commissioners and on the state level for Representatives and Senators. At one such rally, I had the privilege of participating in a meet and greet with Senator John Glenn just after his final return to space on October 29, 1998. It was a surreal experience. In my earlier years, I tagged along with my Mom as she interacted with Senator Ted Kennedy, Congressman Carl D. Perkins and KY Secretary of State, Frances Jones Mills. Mom was a grassroots activist before it was hip. I saw her, a wife and mother of four, take on corporate giants from the living room of our four room house and win. I walked for miles with her as she went door to door raising awareness and collecting petition signatures. I saw the Cardinal Archbishop of Louisville roll into our remote KY hollow in a stretch limousine to discuss clean water, specifically the lack thereof, with my mother. I’ve seen state officials do the same…minus the limo add a helicopter.  Thanks to her, I attended my first political rally as a 2nd grader at the Capitol in Frankfort, KY.


I’m not kidding when I say books and movies (Fire Down Below) have been written, with creative license of course, about our story. Ironically, it was through connections made at one of these rallies that I received my first commission as an artist. Two children from each state were chosen to participate in the National Peace Quilt Project. I was chosen as the female representative for KY. We were to submit a drawing depicting peace. The drawings were transferred to textile quilt blocks by the Boise Quilt Project (BQP) master quilters.

Peace Quilt 1
Upon completion, the quilt departed on a national tour visiting the US Senators. The Senators were asked to spend one night with the quilt while reflecting on the damage Cold War rhetoric inflicted on America’s children. They were asked to write their thoughts in a companion journal that traveled alongside the quilt. Barbara Herbich’s documentary A Stitch For Time chronicled the quilt’s journey to The National Museum of American History division of the Smithsonian. The film was nominated for an Academy Award in 1987. Both the quilt and journal remain on display rotation at the Smithsonian today.

My Dad also influenced my love of the law, politics, and government. He served as a Deputy Sheriff in Pike County, OH and later as a Corrections Officer at Southeastern Correctional Facility (SCI) in Lancaster, OH  where he retired. I was in High School when he graduated from the Police Academy at Shawnee State University. I had the privilege of being his study buddy so I have an above average knowledge of Miranda v. Arizona and the Ohio Revised Code.  Now that he is retired, we still like to discuss local, state, and federal cases. And yes, we did devour the Netflix documentary Making A Murderer: The Steven Avery Story and compare notes. Who didn’t? 

All the above experiences have positively colored my worldview. Although my life is so much more than these three topics, they adequately represent the breakdown of my personal elevator speech…design, discipleship, and democracy. I hope you enjoy!

Don’t hate on my use of emoji  in this blog. Remember, I am a graphic designer not to mention hardcore science validates the use of these friendly bursts of emotional imagery! 

There are two kinds of followers that matter:

1. Those that agree with me.
2. Those that do not.

Both of which make this blog a more interesting hang so folla!

P.P.P.S. Psych! No more post scripting. 

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