Lost In The House


Reflecting on the timeless lyrics of Amazing Grace this morning.

🎶  I once was lost but now I’m found 🎶

I wanna be found over and over again!

Consider the parable of the lost coin…lost…in the house. The difference between the lost sheep, the lost son (prodigal) and the lost coin…the sheep and son are cognizant they are in fact lost. A lost sheep cries out so the shepherd can hear and thereby rescue. The lost son comes to himself and makes his way back to the father. The coin, on the other hand, is in the house (church) and yet completely oblivious that it too is completely and utterly lost. Worse still, it cannot cry out or rise up and walk.

Without the intervention of one who cared enough to light a candle, shine the light, and sweep the house (preach the word) the coin would remain lost.

Too often, the peril of the lost coin befalls seasoned people of God. The ones who have been in the house long enough that habit, tradition, and status have perhaps masked their struggle to the point they are now a dusty coin in the corner of the church house…out of sight, seemingly forgotten, and in need once again of being found.

After all, you can be a follower (Paul’s diviner damsel) and not be a believer. You can be in the inner circle (Judas) and still be a devil. You can be in the inner circle (Peter) and fail miserably denying what you once professed.

The only way to find something lost in the house is to illuminate and sweep…reveal (shine light on) and preach. Being in the house doesn’t mean you are (or will remain) found. It simply means you are in close proximity to The Seeker…the One who came to seek and save that which was lost. He’s perpetually seeking and saving you. This act was never meant to be viewed as a one time occurrence but rather a continual process of being renewed daily by every word that proceedeth (perpetually, continually) out of the mouth of God.

Rest assured, you are not forgotten. Someone is lighting the candle and sweeping the house. Be grateful someone cares enough to come looking!

Every day…in every service…start and end as one always striving to be found!

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